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Keep in mind that this is an estimate and far from exact. Bottom line: Skylines is a great city building simulator, but that quality comes at a cost in performance. People play this game without meeting the minimum specs, but you want to make sure you meet either the graphics card or chip speed requirement to have a chance at playing this game at reasonable speeds and settings. Note there have always been questions about how well Cities: Skylines is optimized for Macs.

The game uses the Unity engine, and at times updates to that have led to performance issues. Recently, High Sierra has also caused performance and playability issues for some users.

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The developer is aware of these issues and is said to be working on them. Skylines is the best city simulator out there right now, but it requires a pretty powerful Mac to run it well. Newer Macs with integrated graphics may be able to run it on low settings, but there are no guarantees. Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission this is how we pay the bills.

This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Steven Marx has been playing games on the Macintosh since his brother brought home a used Mac k in Thanks for sharing your gameplay experience. It can always be useful to other readers with that same machine. Macs have safety systems that prevent it from ruining the computer because of heat.

This free tool uses the data from every game we've ever tested to show you what games your Mac can run. Skylines Mac Review: Can you run it? Humble Bundle. On this review: Is it any good?

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First things first, is the game any good? The Escapist said it well: To evaluate how well Cities: MacBook Pro inch, Touch, Late MacBook Pro inch, Late MacBook Pro inch, Mid 2. These are the setups we will be covering: Recent high-end Macs the iMac. Older Macs the MacBook Pro. Medium Vertical Sync: Off Anti-aliasing: Disabled Medium zoom level Why these settings? The Results You might have thought that as a more casual game, Cities: In this case, the actions of 70, citizens… This is how we describe the different levels of performance: Below 20 FPS: Laggy gameplay, full of stutters and slowdowns.

Can be Ok in slow paced games. Still, not optimal. Acceptable for most most gaming consoles do this. Fluid gameplay, with no perceivable stutters.

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Very Smooth: For hardcore and professional players, a luxury for most. Do you have a high-end Mac? We increased the settings on our high-end iMac half-way to the highest settings and still got a playable 25 FPS: Medium V-Sync: On Anti-aliasing: Enabled While that is technically below our threshold, most of the game elements ran smoothly, zooming in, out and around was easy and the game remained responsive.

Do you have a recent entry-level Mac? But what if you have an older Mac? Still unsure? There is one last method that can help you estimate how your Mac would run this game. You can run the free Unigine Heaven Benchmark using the Basic Preset and compare your results with ours: Always check those system requirements People play this game without meeting the minimum specs, but you want to make sure you meet either the graphics card or chip speed requirement to have a chance at playing this game at reasonable speeds and settings.

These are the minimum system requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo 3. Intel Integrated Graphics Cards not supported Memory: Final thoughts Cities: If you meet the minimum specs you should be able to run it on moderately high graphics settings. Older Macs that meet the minimum specs should be able to run it.

This isn't nearly the problems that PowerPC ports got: But it still it wouldn't have gmax, which, at last checking, doesn't work with WINE. I have a 27" iMac with a 2. Cities XL runs perfectly at x when VMware is full screen with all the graphics options turned up. I'm running the game on my mac with a wineskin. Can you add mods to this and if so how?

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  2. Cities: Skylines Mac Review: Can you run it? | Mac Gamer HQ?
  3. Cities: Skylines Mac Review: Can you run it?.
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  6. Whenever I click the mod button on the game it redirects me to windows and shuts down. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up to join our friendly community.

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    Cities XL on a Mac? Posted November 13, I tried CrossOver but it fails since. NET framework fails to install. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted June 16, Here's How I've long been a fan of the Sim Cities series of games, so when I saw that a French company was bringing out its own take on the genre called Cities XL naturally I took a look.

    Downloads I should note that I purchased the download via Steam because the Cities XL site's purchasing section wasn't working at the time. You'll also need to download the latest version of Darwine here. Installation Install Darwine as would any normal program.

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    Install Cities XL. And that's all there is to it, and so far I haven't seen any bugs or issues with the game play.