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Page content loaded. May 28, 7: May 28, May 28, 4: May 28, 8: Creating rar files More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Peter Walsh Peter Walsh. Creating rar files Hi, was wondering if someone could help me, I'm looking for a program that will compress files in the.

Archiver - Open archives and compress files on macOS.

I've found rarosx, but as I'm not really proficient in using Terminal I'm having trouble getting it to work. Is there a quick drop and compress program or failing that can anyone give me a very quick rundown on the commands to get rarosx program to run in terminal. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.

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Loading page content. Matt Clifton Matt Clifton. Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: If your rar application is on your Desktop, go into the Terminal and issue the following command don't press return yet, but do leave a space after the "archivefile" which is the name of the file you'll create - you can of course change this.

Arrange the Finder and Terminal windows so that you can drag the files into the Terminal. The names of all the files will appear after "archivefile", for example: Joined Wed Feb 02, 8: Joined Sun Oct 18, 1: Its not free, but they still let you use it after the trial or at least they do on Windows. Offtopic Comment.

Archives made simple

Its all about brand name, people will pay more for Apple. Why not just get Ubuntu with Unity, the UI is similar and its just as secure against viruses, etc since its Linux. Then you can pick from competitively priced PC based laptops and install Linux if you wish. Granted it doesn't have all the software Macs do, but has a lot of open source alternatives. Apple doesn't make laptops anywhere near the price of PC laptops. Laptops at this price used to be not capable of doing much but this thing has a 4 thread processor, VT-X and has no problems running Windows 8 or OS X in Virtualbox.

Tue Apr 17, 4: Tue Apr 17, 9: Joined Tue Dec 15, 7: Uh, as much as I agree with Macs and iDevices mainly being associated with being a status symbol, some people like myself have a legitimate reason to use a Mac. I own a couple and use them often in a few studios nearby they are excellent platforms for Pro Tools.

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Macs are great in the field they should stay in, and that's multimedia development. It's worked excellently for me. Tue Apr 17, Wed Sep 12, 1: Joined Thu Jun 28, 3: D Rochester, Buffalo, etc Yeah, I highly recommend The Unarchiver--it's able to handle any archive I've thrown at it even when the built in OS X archive utility has failed. Joined Sat Aug 22, 3: I use "Archiver". Works as good as the default system one, only supports more formats.

Sun Nov 04, 1: Joined Sun Sep 23, I actually prefer Stuffit Expander for decompressing, it has been in this platform from the starts and it's free. Apple should include it with every new computer like they did before. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic.

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Totalled wrote: I agree. I looked at the new Ultrabooks today at a Best Buy and then went over to look at the Macs. They did not impress me in the least bit. Great Tutorial for you poor Mac People. I really feel sorry for you guys. Well Giantsteen, this is the "Im to lazy to install Windows" method.

How to make a zip file on a Mac

I actually do have Windows install on this machine. I've yet to see something my Mac couldn't do, personally.

These are all things I could have done on Windows. I just find that the interface is much easier to use.

How do you CREATE rar files?

I know. But I've never had a really good experience with it. I actually have a MacBook Pro. Its not an "ultrabook" but its fairly light and amazing. I've yet to have a single problem. I spent the same on it for my HP laptop I got in