How to sign out of messenger on mac

However, if it says Photo Stream is turned on, tap on it to see what type of Photo Stream is turned on. Others just have one or the other turned on.

How to delete an iMessage conversation

If this is the case, you will have to check to see if the Photo Stream photos are actually saved in your Camera Roll. It is always better to be safe and double-check than to be sorry. If you need to check these things before continuing, press the cancel button. On an iOS device, get out of Settings and open up the Photos app.

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In Shared you will find Photo Stream photos that you shared to others, or photos that others shared to you. Camera Roll is going to be the pictures you have stored on that device.

How to Log Out of Facebook Messenger

Those are permanently stored on the device, unless you delete them by hand. If the photos you want to keep are in your Camera Roll, great! However, if the pictures in Photo Stream and Shared Photo Stream are not on your device and you want them permanently stored on your device, you can save them by tapping on the Share Button the one with a square that has an arrow pointing up. From here you can either choose to email five pictures at a time, or save as many as you want to your Camera Roll. After confirming that you are ready to remove iCloud Photo Streams, you will be asked about your contacts, calendars, reminders, and Safari data.

How to log out of all open Facebook sessions from your iPhone

The correct answer here can vary depending on your situation. Android users have an advantage over iOS users thanks to the app settings they have available to them. With this particular method, you don't even need to access the official Facebook app or Messenger app because everything can be done from within your app settings.

How to deactivate iMessage

Tap the Settings app to access your Android device's settings. Scroll down and tap the Apps option.

Messenger for Mac

Scroll through the list of apps you have installed until you see Messenger and tap it. That's it. Now you can close your Settings app and return to the Messenger app to see if it worked. If you followed all the steps described above, you should find that your account was successfully disconnected logged out from Messenger. Unfortunately for iOS device users, the above method outlined for Android doesn't work on an iPhone or iPad.

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