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For a tablet I would definitely recommend a tempered glass screen protector as the screens surface area is much larger which increases the chances of it getting damaged. List Price: You Save: The GeChic is a premium product that satisfies the needs of individuals who require the quasi-portable solution to mobile desktop computing.

It admirably meets this requirement. The The size easily fits into my Dell computer bag. Making this work for the constant traveler as I am is to consider the exact application of this product.

It’s a touchscreen Mini-Mac!

If known, it is a beautiful solution to a persistent problem of current USB-powered screens. I use it as a movable desktop when I travel, even though I may lug around a laptop. Although not as handy as a laptop, the experience, I believe, surpasses the laptop.

Software as a solution

Here are some tips on GeChic This monitor is sleek, light weight and responsive. I bought this monitor to accompany a small desktop computer that runs an external sound card for a small bedroom music system. The graphic for the volume, equalizer and line in function is controlled right on the touch screen eliminating the need for keyboard and mouse.

The 10 inch size of the monitor fits nicely on the nightstand. One of the features that inspired me to purchase the GeChic was the fact that the monitor works with Windows 7 and Windows 8. I am using Windows 8. I would recommend this relatively inexpensive monitor to my friends and family.

Only 10 left in stock - order soon. There are already a couple of in-depth reviews on this tablet that I've found to be accurate in my experience of this tablet monitor, so I won't go too deeply here this one in particular helped me to make the decision to buy: I'm using this on a computer I built running Mavericks, and haven't encountered any problems with software or drivers.

Just make sure you uninstall any other tablet drivers I had to get rid of my trusty year-old Wacom Intuos 2 driver Even greater touch experience" - by Alon G. Great picture. Even greater touch experience. Industrial grade. Windows 10 is amazing for touch… not so much the operating system and being a touch only interface… that is still clunky… but software that allows me to mark up drawings, take notes, and whiteboard remotely makes it way more powerful than anything I can do on my android tablet which has a pen as well. Double win. Since many people are paranoid about the camera on their laptop and you can buy shutters for them that stick over, said flap would be designed such that it can cover the camera, angle or be fully open.

Stops Apple from using the telescreen and completing your experience. You could even make the mirror function as physical cover for the camera if not in use to prevent any possible spy from using the camera against you. It just needs 3 positions: The touch screen is a Wacom tablet, comes with stylus. Intel i5, 80 gig SSD, webcam..

Otherwise, impressive design and build. HP had the HP computer around , using a touch screen instead of a mouse.

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Though gorilla arm was an issue during long term use which was also was a problem with light pens. This would be really cool adapted for a Magic Mirror the one way mirror project with a screen behind so it can show you notifications. A touchscreen IS uncorfontable to use for long periods of time I have one , but this would be useful and cheap to add to a magic mirror. Cool idea!

Reach out and touch some screen

Now I hope for a generalized open source version. I mean it looks like any computer screen or, more generally, any reflective flat surface can be used for touch input with the underlying method.

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Would be real nice to have a package that works with the Raspberry Pi camera. Apple would not do a touch screen because it would drive the cost up too much. They pay careful attention to the price-sensitivity of their customers. Apple stuff has to be extremely overpriced, so the customers can feel more elitist in their golden cage. Think of Mac sound, picture or video apps whose controls are on an iPad and adjusted by touch. Being done right now as we speak, according to an article I saw yesterday a out the next gen Mac pro.

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Learn more. Report comment. Most awesome hack of till now… Wow, people…. You get a new feature and solve a potential privacy issue at the same time. Another two words: Three words.

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Dont buy apple. I wonder in someone will do it. May 16, 1: I suspect most touch screens will not come with Mac drivers however the following site is for a company that produces third-party drivers including for the Mac.

The Touch Screen Mac

See http: Some screens only support two-finger guestures e. You might want to check with the maker of the screen since OS X supports and uses 3 and 4 finger commands. May 16, 9: It's not the touchscreen I'm having trouble with. I've found a couple that will work. My problem is I'm having trouble finding this "mouse emulator" that I've been looking for.

When I say mouse emulator, I'm talking about pretty much taking the track pad and making a digital version of it and putting on the screen to use. In my head it seemed simple enough but I have yet to find something that fits my needs.

The case for a touchscreen Mac

Only so far 2 people out of the almost 7 billion on this planet having this thought isn't out of the norm? I think that's the very definition. May 17, Erik - I'm sorry I cannot help you. I remember hearing about a touchscreen that can handle track-pad-like gestures, but I'm not sure if that is what you want, and will have to dig around to find the link. In the meantime, can you help me? You stated you found a few compatible touchscreen monitors. I don't want to get into a situation where I have to have a custom driver built, if possible.

I spoke to customer service for Planar and they said that this model should work as a normal touchscreen for Apple products. Thanks Eric. Wow that's pricey. We are only needing a 15 inch or so.

The case for a touchscreen Mac | Macworld

Any other leads? That's all I have found so far. I believe they have smaller models as well. That's just the size I was looking for and bookmarked. Aug 19, 9: