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You can do that by doing the following steps: I recently purchased an iPhone 7 plus. During a normal voice calls it works really good. But when i turn into some app with video chat, the microphone will not work anymore. The same as clear as the normal voice calls. Even Siri cannot hear me. I also tried voice recording and still not working. But when i connect the headphone jack it will work.

I tried soft reset but nothing happens. Do you have any solutions for this issue?

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Hi Cganengyao. Are you using a headset during normal voice calls or not? To fix the issue, we suggest that you do a restore the phone as a new device.

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Avoid restoring from backup to prevent re-introducing the bug that may be caused by one of your apps. To restore your iPhone 7 plus, kindly do the following: Every time I make a call, or receive a call. The recipient keeps having to tell me to repeat what I have said. The call drops in and out, and can only be described as if I am walking away from the phone. I have changed networks, but the problem still remains. I have tried turning off my 4G, but it still happens. Please help, as it is driving me crazy. Hi Tim. There are only three possible reasons for your problem: Follow these steps: That leaves you two possible reasons — an unknown phone issue, or a network-side issue.

In most cases, network problems are to blame so let them help you isolate the cause. In that case, you should contact Apple so they can process a replacement phone for you. Be as detailed as possible when describing your problem to help us diagnose your issue easily. Gabe gabe. The headphones jack is dead An alternative is a USB sound card. Is a USB sound card pretty much just a cheap interface? If I'm interested in recording, would I be better off just buying an M-Audio interface or something like that?

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Is this a good question? Yes No. I found out it was volume setting problem, that could be changed in "Audio MIDI setup" Plug in the headphones if there is problem with headphones - if problem exists when using internal speakers, don't plug headphones Find in Spotlight "Audio MIDI setup" app: And open app: Set every channel to value "1" as here: This is awesome.

I had something similar happen and it took quite some time to figure out why one channel was attenuated.

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If anybody would be able to "extract" problem, it would be nice to post it to bugreport. For what it is worth: Your You are a saint!!! God Usopp God Usopp 11 1. Related 1.

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